Happy Year

This is my first official post of 2013. I remember when 2012 hit. Everybody went on and on about “It’s My Year” and other outstanding declarations. Well, that bothers me. Even as I sit in my living room and type frantically away, I remember hearing myself “DECLARE” that 2013 was my year..

So was 2012.. So was 2011.. So was 2010..

You get the point.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am in no way bashing New Year Resolutions or banishing “Do-Better lists” from the Milky Way Galaxy, I’m simply sharing my thoughts on insanity – doing the same thing the same way expecting a different result.

From experience, I’ve witnessed countless amounts of people declare this and declare that..and it’s the same EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Why? They haven’t learned their lesson.

I believe that God teaches us in every moment. Especially in moments of pain, disappointment, misunderstandings. We’re human, so to think “because God is on our side” therefore I won’t go through this or that would be unwise. Take in every single moment and realize that He must be about to reveal something to me. You see, the problem I often come across in people is that we ask God for something, He gives it to us, but we don’t ever appreciate how it comes back to us. Well, it’s not that we don’t appreciate it, we just don’t understand that He may answer it differently than which we asked. I’ve never understood people that ask God to get them to a higher place, and for the sake of time let’s say a better job. Then when He starts that process by removing you from the job you have, you complain about being “let go”. How can you expect God to be God when you’re worrying and complaining about a job you just asked to be released from for a better one? When you begin to complain about it then start the job hunting process YOURSELF, you just told God, “listen I know who You are, but I don’t need you on this. I can handle this on my own. I can fill out this application and someone will hire me. It ain’t what I wanna do, but since You got me fired, it’s better than nothing.” We all can agree that taking the initiative after we’ve got the answer to our prayer is the way to go, right? Wrong. Sometimes God reveals something to you so that you can ride on His wind as He blows you into your destiny. Sometimes He wants you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Sometimes He just doesn’t want you to worry.

My point in saying all this is that just because we DECLARE something newer, something bigger, something better every year, doesn’t mean we get it. Why? We’re doing the same thing the same way expecting a different result. There is something, big or small, that He desires to teach us. We can’t move forward unless lessons are learned. We can’t move forward unless old habits are broken. We can’t move forward until we look deep within ourselves and go after what He’s trying to do in us. Take the rest of this month and go deeper. Learn the lesson He’s trying to teach you. He wants you to get it. Once you get it, this is truly your HAPPY YEAR.

Go for it. Happy 2013.


Happy New Year! It isn’t much of a “new” year anymore since the date is 1/11/12 but in actuality, everyday for the rest of 2012 is new.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding inspiration on what to write about here at Rashaad4Real so I’ve decided to let it all out. In addition to my ir’regular’ posts here, you will now find everything, and I do mean everything that I find interesting. I’ll try not to be too opinionated about things and let you, my awesome readers, post comments and such as you please.

PLEASE NOTE: I appreciate all of you who actually take the time to read what I have to say and I hope that I can keep you all (and add more) as readers and subscribers. I do not take it for granted because I realize there are tons of other blogs that are readily available for you to dive in to, so, thank you.

Anywho, I’ll leave you with a few declarations that I speak over myself everyday and I hope that should you find any of them useful and relevant to your life, please implement them into your daily prayers/meditation regimen.

2012 will be one of the best years of my life.

I will live and walk in my purpose on this earth every day for the rest of my life.

Even when it raises its ugly head, the spirit of procrastination will not stop me nor hinder me from walking in destiny.

I have perfect health and strength.

I am more than a conqueror.

I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.

Greater is He that’s within me than he that is in the world.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

I have the creative ability to obtain wealth while wealth and riches are already established in my house.


Go forward today and the rest of 2012 in the love, peace, favor, and grace of God. Remember, in Him you live and move and have your being. (Acts 17:28)